¡Actualización de Halloween para Your Bizarre Adventure!

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La nueva actualización de Halloween para Your Bizarre Adventure se ha sido lanzada. ¡Hay un montón de correcciones de errores, adiciones de contenido y equilibrios en el juego que sólo tendrá que echar un vistazo al registro de actualización para verlos todos!

¡¡¡ATENCIÓN!!!: si necesitas más recompensas puedes visitar nuestra página de códigos de Your Bizarre Adventure. Toda esta información ha sido sacada del Discord oficial del juego.

Actualización de Halloween de Your Bizarre Adventure

– 🦇🎃 2022 HALLOWEEN Event!!! 🎃🦇

  > Re-welcoming YBA’s 2021 Halloween Event this year but with more Stand Skins, Item Skins,

    and a couple new changes!

  > Collect candy from winning game modes like 1v1’s, 2v2’s, and Metal Ball Run! Candy will also uncommonly spawn in the main game map.

    Turn in your candy by talking to Jack, The Cauldron Specter for goodies! All Limited Edition Halloween specific skins and 

    cosmetics will be unobtainable after the event ends!

  > New Halloween Themed Main Game Map!

  > All LIMITED EDITION 2021 Halloween Items, Cosmetics, and Stand Skins are now re obtainable

  > 3 New LIMITED EDITION 2022 Halloween Items:

      + Eye of The Saint’s Corpse (Steel Ball Weapon Skin)

      + Cursed Scythe (Pluck Weapon Skin)

      + Bone Gloves (Boxing Gloves Skin)

  > 11 New LIMITED EDITION 2022 Halloween Stand Skins:

      + Undead Hand (Common) (The Hand)

      + Dead Experience (Common) (Gold Experience)

      + Pumpkin Patch (Uncommon) (Stone Free)

      + Undead Flare (Uncommon) (Magician’s Red)

      + Crimson Mist (Uncommon) (Purple Haze)

      + Jester Crimson (Uncommon) (King Crimson)

      + Mirage of Phantoms (Epic) (The World Over Heaven)

      + Crazy Overseer (Legendary) (Crazy Diamond)

      + Grim Reaper (Legendary) (King Crimson Requiem)

      + Ghostface (Legendary) (Chariot Requiem)

      + Bloodthirster (Legendary) (Anubis)

  > You can now purchase Lucky Arrows in the Halloween Event!

  > 2x Skin Chances ENABLED. Your chances of rolling a skin will be doubled with every method whether its with ROBUX, an item, a quest, etc

  > The event will end on November 7!

  > Watch the Youtube Video showcasing this event here: youtube.com/watch?v=W9bCI9J_TVg

– 1 New Stand Skin

  > The Waifu Over Heaven (Legendary) (TWOH)


– Fixed Fighting-Style Key Rebinds not working without a Weapon equipped 

– Fixed the Main game map not rendering properly

– Fixed Asuna Skin not having a face and being unable to use a couple stand abilities

– Fixed a couple abilities not canceling Love Train like Sword-style

– Fixed being able to use Life Distribution without upgrading it in the Skill Tree

– Fixed Fist Barrage breaking if you dequip your Boxing Gloves during it

– Fixed spawning outside the map in 1v1 and 2v2s


– You can now M1 while holding the following items; Steel Ball and Zepellin’s Headband

– New Idle animation for the Steel Ball item

– You can now use SwordStyle abilities with the “Stop Sign” or “Candy cane” items equipped

– You now must equip a Steel Ball item to use the following Spin Abilities:

  > Steel Ball

  > Multi Steel Balls

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