¡Actualización de Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure!


¡Actualización de Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure!

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La nueva y enorme actualización 1.0 para Your Bizarre Adventure ha sido lanzada. Esta actualización va a traer un nuevo stand al juego, junto con quince nuevos skins para otros. ¡Hay un montón de otras correcciones de errores, adiciones de contenido y equilibrios en el juego que sólo tendrá que echar un vistazo al registro de actualización para verlos todos!

¡¡¡ATENCIÓN!!!: si necesitas recompensas gratuitas para el juego puedes echar un vistazo a nuestra página de códigos de Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure. Toda esta información ha sido sacada del Discord oficial del juego.

Nueva actualización de Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure

  • New STAND: Stone Free
  • Obtained with a Mysterious Arrow or in the Robux Store!
  • 10 abilities in total!
  • New Main Game MAP
  • Comes with new “Fast Travel” NPC’s!
  • 15 New STAND SKINS for the following Stands:
    • Stone Free
      • MCU Spider-Man
      • Comic Venom Spider-Man
      • Venom
      • Stone Platinum
    • The Universe Alternate Universe
      • No new skin, but it’s skin “The Waifu Alternate Universe” has been remodeled and the old model will now be a new skin for The Universe (Below)
    • The Universe
      • The Waifu v2
      • The Waifu (v1) is now no longer obtainable!!!
    • G-Moon
      • Vela Nova
    • Golden Nail IV
      • Tomb Crypt Tusk
    • Magician’s Ember
      • Sorcerer’s Ember
    • Platinum Sun
      • Luffy Gear 4
    • Yellow Hot Chili Pepper
      • Golden Frieza
    • Golden Spirit Requiem
      • Lord Boros
    • Platinum Sun: The Universe
      • Star Waifu: The World
    • White Poison
      • Deimos Snake
    • The Way to Heaven
      • Mr Jukes Angels
    • Ms. Vice-President
      • Mr. Joestar
  • New Soundtracks
    • 60+ tracks in the main game!
    • 50+ tracks in 1v1s, 2v2s, and SBR!

Quality of Life

Doubled Item Spawn Amount!

  • 6 items will now spawn per spawn time! (Used to be 3)

New “Item Hotbar Saving” System!

  • You can use this new system in the settings frame by pressing the “TOGGLE HOTBAR SAVES” button.
  • You can now save an item under a specific hotbar tool slot. The item will automatically load into that hot bar slot upon joining the game and respawning everytime!

Improved Basic Combat:

  • Light Attack’s (M1’s) can now hit multiple victims.
  • Hitbox frames and detection improved.
  • Hitbox no longer lingers after dying or being ragdolled.

Performance Improved *A LOT*

  • Chances of crashing are now significantly reduced.
  • FPS increased
  • Server Lag reduced
  • Average client ping reduced

All hitboxes improved significantly

  • Made hitboxes extend to the origin point, but do not increase range.
  •  Basically your character gains a hitbox now because previously, hitboxes only spawned in front of your character so there would be no hitbox in your character.
  • Made it so hitboxes spawn properly when moving.

New and Improved Loading Screen

  • Brand new loading screen!
  • Also reduced the loading time significantly

Improved Auto Aim

  • Grapple, VineTrap, MultiShot, etc.

You can now learn a skill even if you have not learned its required skills.

  • Basically, it will automatically learn all the required skills if you have enough skill points for them.

New cooldown indicators!

  • Better looking cooldown indicators!
  • Added a countdown for the cooldown’s duration.
  • Made it so cooldown indicators re appear after dying and respawning

– Stand Remodels

  • Shining Sapphire
  • CTDC Love Train
  • The Universe
  • Golden Spirit
  • Platinum Sun
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe

Made it so you can now spawn dummies in a private server with the following commands typed in the chatbox:

  • /e dummy
  • /e blockdummy
  • /e pbdummy

“Zeppelin” makes his return!

  • “Zeppelin” is an old NPC that accidentally got deleted and is a quest giver with a lvl. 25 requirement in the sewers!


  • Made it so you automatically start sprinting after you dash
  • Reduced respawn timers on all Mobs.
  • Moved Guy Zeppelin (Spin Teacher) to the Main Game Map.
  • Moved Jongic (The Umbrella Merchant) to the Main Game Map.
  • Added a Posing button to Mobile
  • Added a toggle “Play Screen” button in the settings frame
  • Remodeled Pluck


Fixed not being able to use the following keys when binding moves to them:

  • L
  • K
  • M

Made it so you no longer need to own the following tools for its quest to fix the bug where people couldn’t complete the storyline if they deleted said tools.

  • Lighter
  • Koechee’s Suitcase

Patched global screen shakes on the following moves:

  • Bites the Dust
  • Love Train
  • Electric Guitar (Fixed screenshake lasting for other players even when they go out of the user’s range)


  • Patched the annoying bug where your stand would go behind you when using attacks in conjunction with each other.
  • Fixed losing items when your 2x inventory game pass doesn’t load properly.
  • Fixed being able to keep old stand passives after trading.
  • Fixed an invincibility bug having to do with Joe Part 6 and Heaven Ascension DEO barrages.
  • Fixed time stop not draining rage for rage mode stands and extending its duration.
  • Fixed being able to bypass timestop’s damage cap by attacking at the end of timestops.
  • Fixed being able to move in time stop if you were hit by Vaporization Freezing before it started.
  • Fixed being able to use Time Skip during time stop wind ups.
  • Fixed Ms. Vice President Kidnap + Vaporization freezing causing flinging.
  • Fixed throw knives windup speed not increasing when used in Time Stop.
  • Fixed only being able to speak once to the Joe and Guider Mister NPCs.
  • Fixed knives freezing victims during time stop.
  • Fixed time stopping making you stunned for a second at a random time.
  • Fixed Shining Sapphire’s Rock Trap not working on grass and in Heaven’s Arena
  • Patched various exploits

Balance Changes


  • Increased the following upgrades’ skill point costs in the Skill Tree:
  • Increased Meat Shield I from 1 to 2
  • Increased Meat Shield II from 2 to 3
  • Reduced Mastered Eye Gouge’s blind duration from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Gave Boxing the default blocking animation to indicate that the user is blocking.


  • Scarlet Overdrive 
  • Windup time decreased.
  • Increased damage of initial punch by 40%.
  • Reduced the following upgrades’ skill point costs in the Skill Tree:
  • Zoom Punch: 2 to 1
  • Scarlet Overdrive: 2 to 1
  • Sunlight Yellow Overdrive: 2 to 1
  • Hamon Duration IV: 2 to 1
  • Hamon Charge IV: 2 to 1
  • Hamon Punch Upgrade Changes
  • Moved this upgrade beside the initial Charge Hamon skill node.
  • Increased skill point cost from 1 to 2.


  • Gave Spin Punch the ability to block break rather than going through blocks and can’t be perfect-blocked.
  • Reduced the following upgrades’ skill point costs in the Skill Tree:
  • Golden Skin Mastery I: 2 to 1
  • Golden Skin Mastery II: 3 to 2
  • Golden Skin Mastery III: 5 to 3
  • Spin Duration III: 5 to 4
  • Spin Charge III: 5 to 4


  • Made it so people hit by Life Drain are given iframes while having their blood sucked.
  • Buffed Ultra Violet Resist upgrade by resisting Sun Damage by 8x and Hamon damage by 2x.
  • Added small passive Blood Bar regeneration that can be increased by purchasing the new Blood Regeneration upgrade nodes in the skill tree. You will not regenerate blood passively while healing HP.
  • You can no longer get blood off killing Horrorsaur Minions and Criminal Tasks Done Cunningly/CTDC Love Train Clones.
  • Decreased “Bottle of Blood” blood amount from 35 to 15 blood.

Platinum Sun

  • Balanced Inhale by increasing the duration by 3 seconds and made it so people getting sucked in can still Block while inside the whirlwind.
  • Increased Ora Kicks speed.

Platinum Sun: The Universe

  • Skull Crusher Changes
  • Can be normally blocked, however no longer perfectly-blocked.
  • Can no longer be used during stopped time.

Violet Vine

  • Changed the Grapple + Vine Trap ability so that it cannot be perfect-blocked. (The one where you spin mid air)

Tentacle Green

  • Made it so people controlled by Marionette Control cannot have their stands forced away..

The Universe

  • Buffed Kick Barrage by increasing the speed of the final heavy kick.
  • Dramatically decreased the amount of knockback from all of the Roadroller ability’s hits besides the final one.

Shining Sapphire

  • Made it so people trapped by Rock Trap cannot have their stands forced away while in the trap.

That Hand

  • You can no longer Erasure Accelerate through walls.

Deadly King (and BTD variation)

  • Gave iframes to people who have First Bomb directly planted on them during the implosion animation. (when they are bubbling up, stunned, and then explode)

Yellow Hot Chili Pepper

  • Made Lightning Jabs can only be normally blocked, not perfect-blocked.
  • Reduced the electricity cost on all moves besides Electrify.
  • Buffed the speed at which electric charge gets faster based on charge speed upgrades in the skill tree.
  • Gave RHCP some passive regen on its electric charge meter (This is disabled while Electrify is active)

Golden Spirit

  • Prevented any counters such as Epitaph and Raging Demon being used by victims of 7 Page Beatdown before the last punch.
  • Boosted Summon Lifeform eagle movement speed.
  • Added a 15 damage poison effect to people hit by Summon Frog Life Form’s punch.
  • Added a new move; Kick Barrage (T KEY)
  • Re-arranged Distribute Life and Self Distribute Life keys to be Y and U
  • Reduced Distribute Life skill point cost by 1

Golden Spirit Requiem

  • Return to Zero Changes
  • People in the cutscene are forced to stay completely still and cannot dash or block.
  • Cutscene now uses your own stand model, instead of the old GER model. (Works with skins)
  • Can no longer be used while stunned.
  • Reduced the cost from 8 to 6 skill points.
  • Nullification: Zero Changes
  • Reduced the duration of stun on people who are countered by 1 second.
  • Reduced the cooldown by 10 seconds.

Zipper Fingers

  • Changed Zipper Uppercut so that it can no longer be perfect-blocked.
  • Made it so Zipper Punch is cancellable via getting hit.

Six Pistols

  • Made it so Multi Shot victims cannot be damaged by anyone but the user during its damage


  • Reduced the duration of the Vola Barrage ability to that of a normal punching barrage, but compensated by increasing the damage to a reasonable amount.

Ms. Vice President

  • Victims in the key room teleport back to their previous position(s) instead of a random spawn location when the user leaves the game.
  • Victims in the key room automatically leave the room when the user dies.

Scarlet King

  • Victims now gain iframes after being ragdolled by Scarlet King’s Impale ability.
  • Reduced the stun duration on victims from a successful Epitaph counter.

Scarlet King Requiem

  • When Reality Marble is active, the user will be unable to pose for the duration.
  • Changed Dimensional Slash so that it will be canceled if the user is ragdolled and improved it’s hitbox positioning.
  • Reduced the stun duration on victims from a successful Epitaph counter.


  • Gravitational Shift no longer works on ragdolled players.
  • Uppercut to the Moon no longer forces the target’s stand away when they’re hit by it.

The Way to Heaven

  • Time Acceleration Changes
  • No longer affects the Double Accel ability’s cooldown.
  • Reduces only Stand ability cooldowns.

Grey Rapier Requiem

  • Boosted overall stand damage.
  • Applied a cooldown to Stand Barrage after using Arrow Barrage.
  • The user is now unable to pose while Your Own Shadow is active.
  • Conqueror’s Will Nerfs
  • Increased global victim cooldown.
  • Increased windup.
  • Can no longer be used while Your Own Shadow is active.
  • Victims gain 1 second of iframes before waking up.
  • Victims who were blocking before they were forced asleep will have their blocks broken so they can no longer block while sleeping.

Golden Nail I – IV

  • Improved the hitbox of Nail projectiles.

The Universe: Alternate Universe

  • Removed Throw Knife Upgrade III from the skill tree.
  • Added a windup sound effect to the Chop ability.


  • Fixed Horrorsaur Minions breaking when ragdolled.
  • Reduced the amount of poison damage that Bite deals.
  • Gave a slight wind up to the Head Charge ability as well as a voiceline
  • Gave the Pounce ability slight end lag after landing on the ground.

The Universe Over Heaven

  • Fixed Reality Overwrite making victims have resized body parts forever when used with time stop.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • You can no longer use the “/e sit” command while in combat.
  • You can no longer use the move Pilot when unable to attack with any stands that have it.
  • You can now use basic attacks while holding an umbrella.
  • Removed all start ups to counters and reduced their actual frames (Epitaph, Cursed Blade, Gravitational Negation, Nullification: Zero)
  • Changed Vampire race so that Fighting-Style abilities that aren’t Vampirism will make you lose specific blood amounts when using their abilities.
  • Removed the hit stun by weapons such as Pluck and its shiny variations, as it can infinitely stun people when using Made in Heaven’s abilities.
  • New Executes:
  • The following moves listed below will now become “Executes” which means the move will deal 0 – 200% increased damage based on the victim’s missing health (base damage of the moves have been reduced a lot to make up for this and the point of Executes are to make players use the move more skillfully; for example, using it on a full HP victim will deal significantly less damage and put the move on a cooldown, lowering your DPS):
  • Ora Beatdown
  • 7 Page Beatdown
  • Arigato Gyro
  • Impale
  • Road Roller
  • Time Stop Changes:
  • Any ability that applies stun during timestops will have their stuns reduced to 0.3s after the timestop has ended.
  • Made it so rage timestop stands’ timeskip and timestop keys are different so they can timeskip during rage mode.
  • Reduced Time Stop Resistance duration when you are caught in someone else’s timestop.
  • If you use the moves below and deal damage then your own timestop ability goes on cooldown for 3 seconds. (This is to prevent a guaranteed time stop combo, if you block break that should allow for a time stop however.)
  • Heavenly Smite
  • Ora Kicks
  • Life Drain
  • Vaporization Freeze Punch
  • Jaw-Breaker
  • Scarlet Overdrive
  • Crescent Slash
  • Platinum Slam