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Alan Wake Remastered announced and release date


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After the launch of Alan Wake as exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC for over 11 years, fans have been waiting for an Alan Wake remake or perhaps a sequel. Rumors about the remake of the survival horror game of Remedy Entertainment they do not cease, so the community has been in tension since then and hopes that these speculations will be confirmed.

It seems that people's prayers have been heard, because a blog post from the studio written by the creative director has been posted confirming the rumors.

The blog post posted on Alan Wake's community website is titled «An open letter from Sam Lake«, In which he announces that the remake is not only in development, but which is about to be completed.

The creative director of Remedy Entertainment has stated that the original game is a very important story to him, and that the remake has been made thanks to the overwhelming support of the community. Although there is no set release date, it has been confirmed that the title will go on sale in October. The blog post states that the remake will keep the original feel and experience intact, but will make some visual adjustments to the characters and the film. The popularity of the game when it was first released in 2010 shows that Alan Wake's reissue by Remedy Entertainment is a good move and an opportunity to talk about him at an upcoming event.

The decision to create a remake of Alan Wake also fuels rumors of an Alan Wake 2 ad. With the success of Control and the previous IP of the study, Quantum Break, Remedy you might want to go back to a game full of love and passion for horror. This also shows that the developers are very willing to listen to the needs of the fans.

Alan wake remastered all the information

All confirmed information about Alan Wake Remastered

  • Title will include all DLCs that was originally in the game.
  • It will come to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC (via Epic Games Store).
  • Will have 4k resolution.
  • Will come out in October.
  • We will have more details about the game soon.

We will inform you from GuiasTeam of all the information that comes out about Alan Wake Remastered.

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