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Analysis Tormented Souls, quite a classic soul


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Very recently we have had the launch of Tormented Souls, from the hand of the Chilean studyo Dual Effect. For now, we have the title on PS5 and PC, although soon we will also be able to enjoy this title on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Swicht.

I bought this title without thinking twice. Since its creators published their inspirations to create the game, I decided that it had to be part of my collection. His inspiration is neither more nor less than the great classics of the genre such as Alone in he Dark, Resident Evil o Silent Hill, titles that throughout my life I have played more than 9 or 10 times.

In the history of this title we embody Caroline walker, a teacher who unannounced receives an anonymous letter, containing a photography in which they appear two twins young-looking. After seeing said photo, Caroline feels something strange. After the first night, a situation begins that our protagonist cannot bear, the image haunts her night after night in her dreams. After a while, he decides to go to the address where the letter was sent from, and thus try to shed some light on his situation. All of us who have played several titles of the genre will have the same opinion: that it is not a very good idea to go in that direction. Once we got there, we found a gigantic building very common in these games, but with a peculiarity: it is a kind of mansion, but at the same time it is a hospital. The truth is that just by looking at the building anyone would turn around, since those dreams would not seem so bad to us. Once we enter the building, someone knocks us unconscious with a tremendous forceful blow, and then we wake up naked in a bathtub, with a tube in our mouth and connected to various machines to the unpleasant surprise that we have had an eye removed. With this introduction our gameplay.

Analysis Tormented Souls, quite a classic soul 1
This title is inspired by the classics of survival horror

Making contact with Tormented Souls

As you can see, the premise is not something innovative or strange, but rather something classic that perfectly fulfills its function. In the first few minutes of the game, it is very noticeable that we are facing a low-budget indie title. In the models and characters it is clear that they are not even close to the level of the generation, but on the other hand we are going to enjoy impeccable settings, as we are used to in the genre, especially in its more classic titles. We are not going to run into clone rooms and we will have an impeccable level of detail on the stage.


The gameplay is exactly what you are looking for in these titles; we can move using the joysticks in 360º or with the spreaders in the classic «modetank». The camera is also a combination of fixed cameras and "drone view", ydisponemos de un inventario en cuadriculas que nos muestra nuestro estado y podemos navegar entre objetos útiles, recursos y documentos que vamos encontrando, más clásico imposible. Por supuesto los puzles es otro elemento para destacar, ya que son completamente fieles al género, bien pensados y, desde mi punto de vista, con dificultad moderada en su mayoría, aunque una pequeña parte de ellos tiene una dificultad bastante alta.

One of the mechanics is light, very important in Tormented soulSince, if Caroline spends a long time in the dark, she will be unconscious. We have a lighter to avoid this situation, but what if an enemy is in a room without light? Here we will have to use our speed and ingenuity to escape. We need a light source to use our weapon without being knocked unconscious, but we cannot use the lighter and our nail gun at the same time. FLEES! and fix the light.

The fight it may be a point against; lovers of the genre will not care in the least, since it is "business as usual": we just need to orient Caroline towards the enemy and shoot. We have an dodging movement to jump backwards, which will save us from many, but by not having an advanced aiming mechanism as for example in Resident Evil 2 remakeFixed cameras can play tricks on us.

Analysis Tormented Souls, quite a classic soul 2
It is not a perfect game, but if you are a fan of the genre you should play it

Ambience and room design

The atmosphere is very good in general. The room design accompanied by the lighting gets you well in the situation, since everything is very detailed and worked. As we have said before, the clone rooms have not been used, which gives us a much more continuous sense of discovery, especially because of the general design that mixes a mansion with a hospital. In one wing of the building we can find a dining room or a room with almost Victorian decorations and in another wing a delivery room and rooms with stretchers equipped with straps and utensils that none of us would want to have nearby.

In these locations we will find a lot of reference to the games already mentioned. For example, one of the game mechanics are mirrors, through which you can pass; suddenly we will see ourselves inside a version of the same place where we were, but with a peculiarity that drinks directly from Silent Hill, since everything will be rusty, suddenly there will be the most violent and terrifying enemies and the atmosphere in general will change completely, and not exactly for the better.

  • -Graphics 7/10
  • -Gameplay 7/10
  • -Gunplay 6/10
  • -History 6.5/10
  • -Setting 9/10
  • -BSO 5/10
  • -Duration 8/10
  • -Replayability 7/10
  • -Trophy Difficulty 7/10
  • -Fun 8/10

Conclusion and own experience

Once the game is finished, I have to say that it is a marvel of the genre, especially for all those who, like me, grew up between the 80s and the 90s. It is so faithful to the classics that some things get a bit squeaky, like the simplicity of combat. The weakest point that I see in this game are the characters and animations in the CGI, since they make it quite clear that they are from a very low budget game. Another bad point is the simplicity of the story, although it shows that it does not want to be better than it is, since it fulfills its function perfectly for a title of this genre.

My experience has been very satisfying and fun, in many moments tense and with some fright that has made me bounce on the sofa. In one of the moments I had a terrible time, because one of the puzzles requires some musical ear and rhythm, something that I do not have especially, so I sweated a lot to achieve it. I really liked seeing all the references to classic titles of the genre both in the decoration and in some mechanics.

This review has been written by Molina. Visit your Instagram Twitter to know more.

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