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Aragami analysis


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This is an indie title from a Spanish brand created by the Barcelona studio Lince Works. Based totally on stealth, we will notice throughout our game that it drinks a lot from games of the genre, such as Dishonored, tenchu ​​or Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Our protagonist is an invocation of shadows, a supernatural being born from revenge for revenge. We will enjoy a duration of between 8 to 10 hours dedicating ourselves only to the main objective.

Our adventure begins when Yamiko, a noblewoman, decides to perform a ritual that will resurrect a fallen warrior, who will be our protagonist: Aragami, a name that Yamiko will give us, because we do not remember anything at all. This will be one of the most important objectives of the game: recover our memories, along with fulfilling Yumiko's orders.

Contact with Aragami and gameplay

The game presents us with a closed mission system with a delimited map. We will have two ways to face these missions: with absolute stealth and a lot of patience or looking for how to eliminate the patrols little by little without being detected, since a single attack of light from the enemy will kill us, although the game does not present a great difficulty in any moment.

The first thing we notice is that we only have a mechanic to transport us between shadows, with an animation that is quite beautiful to see. After a while it can get quite boring if we are not lucky to find the scrolls hidden around the map, which help us to get skills. Without these skills, things become very monotonous, since they do not give us a wide range of possibilities to manage the situation. Once again we have the control about the shadows, the thing becomes much more fun.

Atmosphere, graphics and soundtrack

Aragami is completely set in the era Senkaku, that, as fans will already know, this is the age of samurai and ninjas. Although the game focuses on the shadows, we will enjoy a very colorful and lively atmosphere.

The title enjoys good use of Cel-Shading, in the same way that the great PS2 classic “XIII” does by giving it a cartoonish look. Personally, I quite like this graphic style.

The soundtrack is very pleasant and relaxing to listen to; obviously it is composed entirely in an Asian style.

analysis and opinion of aragami
The good use of Cel-Shading is one of its great claims

Conclusion and own experience

The first hours played did not make a good impression on me: very monotonous, simple maps without a lot of options ... But, after the third mission, already with some parchment found, I was able to improve my shadow skills and enjoy more of the experience of controlar a supernatural being capable of handling shadows. As I progressed, I liked the story more, since we not only discovered the life of the person invoking us, we also discovered the life of our character in a progressive and quite interesting way.

For achievement hunters like me, it does not present much difficulty, although it requires us to complete each mission a minimum of two times: once without killing any enemy and another without leaving neck to head. It will also require the collectibles that are mandatory to obtain our entire branch of skills and complete each mission without being discovered; this can be combined with killing everyone very easily.

My conclusion from the title is that it is a game worth giving a try.

  • Graphics 7/10
  • Gameplay 8/10
  • History 6,5 / 10
  • Atmosphere 8/10
  • OST 7/10
  • Duration 8/10 (between 8 and 10 hours main objectives)
  • Replayability 8/10
  • Trophy Difficulty 4/10
  • Fun 6,5 / 10

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