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Deathloop - How to unlock all endings


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En Deathloop there are up to three different endings. Each of these endings gives a different ending to the game's story. If you want to unlock them all, you will have to follow a series of specific steps.

In this guide we are going to give all the necessary information to know how to unlock all endings in Deathloop.

ATTENTION, SPOILERS !! - If you keep reading this guide you will know what the endings of the game are. Continue at your own risk.

How to unlock all endings Deathloop

As you can imagine, before unlocking any ending of the game, you have to be able to eliminate all the visionaries in a single cycle of the loop. Once you get it, you have to head towards a facility that appears to be what is causing the loop.

The story will take you to Julyanna. This will show you a wooden box with two guns. Once you choose yours Colt and Juliannto face each other once more. This is when you have to make an important decision that will determine the end of Deathloop.

Forgive Juliannoh don't shoot

Let JuliannCount to 3 and he won't shoot you. This is probably the happiest ending you can get in the game. Both Colt and JuliannThey'll joke about being stuck in the loop for too long. Colt even talks about throwing Aleksis in the shredder. Julianna will even call Colt his father, causing some awkward glances around the room. Both Colt and Juliannto live to see another day in the loop.

how to unlock all endings deathloop
Deathloop - How to unlock all endings 1

Shoot Juli ahead of timeannay jump to the loop

Before JuliannTo finish counting to three, shoot him. Now, you will see lines in the background. Some of these lines urge you to jump in and break the loop. Once you jump, you will be teleported to a beach. Once you wake up, you will see that Julianna has a gun pointed at your face. However, it will disappear instantly. In the distance you can see a storm around the facility. This destroys the facility and takes Colt out of the loop.

Shoot Juliannoh sit on the floor

Before JuliannTo finish counting to three, shoot him. Again, you will see lines in the background urging you to jump and break the loop. Interact with the nearby chair and you will sit in it. This suggests that Colt cannot make the decision yet. The loop will start over and Colt will remain stuck in it until he makes the decision. This is not considered one of the true endings of the game.

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How to unlock all endings Deathloop easily?

The moment Colt arrives on site, make a backup copy of the save file. The location of it is C: \ Users \ \ Saved Games \ Arkane Studios \Deathloop\ base \ save game \Steam user ID> \ SLOT 1. Copy all the files from the SLOT1 folder and paste them elsewhere.

Now you just have to replace the save file with this file and you will reach the same point in the game. This will allow you to unlock all endings quickly. This method only works for PC version.

This is all the information you need to know how to unlock all endings Deathloop.

If you want to add something else you can leave a comment below. I hope this guide has been helpful and see you in the next one. All the best!

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