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DEATHLOOP - Solutions of the Challenges


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In this guide you will find what you need for the challenges of DEATHLOOP, it will provide you with solutions to all of Charlie's challenges and you will get the achievement "A Game of Charlie Montague".

Solution to all the challenges of DEATHLOOP

Haul-A-Quinn - Karl's Bay (full loop)

First of all, you must have typed (or screenshot) your unique Fia Bunker random code. It is located in the room where the plans for the reactor are located. Here's what my code was:
DEATHLOOP - Solutions to Challenges 1 

Then after this head to Karl's Bay (tomorrow).

  • Karl's Bay (morning): Head to Hangar 2 and save Amador (the Eternalist that Harriet goes down to toxic gas) by quickly killing Harriet. This means that Amador's studio will be available in Karl's Bay - Afternoon. After saving it, find a battery and take it to the Haul-A-Quinn Dummy and plug it in. After sorting the battery, head to the delivery booth on the way. Enter the code you retrieved from the Fia bunker and request a crank wheel for Karl's Bay.
  • Karl's Bay (afternoon) - Go to Amador's Workshop called Big Smiley. Find the mannequin's head inside and bring it to the Haul-A-Quinn. Go back to the delivery machine and get the crank wheel. Also request that a field override be sent to Karl's Bay for later. Place the crank wheel on the Haul-A-Quinn.
  • Karl's Bay (afternoon) - Take the field override from the delivery machine and give it to the Haul-A-Quinn to complete the challenge.

The Yerhva - Karl's Bay (anytime)

Located in the building that dice 'The Queen of Riddles' on the side. A computer will be in the center of the room and when you interact with it there will be a series of 10 questions whose answers are from notes and information found in the game.

The questions will be the same each time but in random order.

  • Q: "From what seed did AEON sprout?"
    • A: The Shared Ambitions of Harriet Morse, Egor Serling, and Dr. Wenjie Evans.
  • Q: “The twisted and twisted energies of the Loop have been harnessed to gift us with abilities beyond our biological potential. What gave rise to our trinkets and slabs? »
    • A: Dr. Wenjie Evans personally designed each one.
  • Q: “The Bay, the Rock and the labyrinthine Updaam wear the AEON colors with pride, but that decoration belies their history. Where do the peculiar names that adorn them come from?
    • A: They date back to a lost fishing colony.
  • Q: “Decades ago, warmongers played with the temporary tides that swirled in Black Reef. Their sigil-marked temples remain motionless. What did your condemned company name? »
    • A: Operations Horizonte.
  • Q: Harriet Morse is the keeper, Black Reef the gate. A veil crosses the threshold. What do we discover when it separates? »
    • A: The beyond.
  • Q: “AEON adorns this island like kaleidoscopic jewels on the neck of the greatest beauty in the world. What is the Program looking for? "
    • A: The advancement of human potentiality and enlightenment.
  • Q: “Before AEON's arrival, Black Reef slept in the frozen womb, waiting for a new purpose. Who then made landfall and woke her up from her sleep?
    • A: Colt Vahn and Egor Serling, on a voyage of discovery.
  • Q: “Black Reef boasts a generous feast for the senses. What transcendent work rises above the myriad other artistic endeavors on the island? »
    • A: Charlie Montague's nose, chin and eyes.
  • Q: “Dig your toes into the dark earth and let the vibrations of your voice run through your bones. Where does this island come from?
    • A: Coastal coral formations.
  • Q: “Karl Bay has many faces, most as lost in time as the mysterious Karl himself. What was your most recent incarnation before the arrival of AEON? »
    • A: A military air base.

Awakening Challenge - The Complex (Tomorrow)

A 3 minute timer will start upon entering the area. You must locate FOUR hidden boxes in the area within that timer. A video guide can be found at the bottom of the guide with all the challenge solutions if you want to have a visual aid.

  • The first box is on the cliff to your right after exiting the tunnel, sitting on a beam that protrudes from the cliff.
  • The second box is further along the outskirts, on ice just before Wenjie's lab.
  • The third box is around the other tunnel entrance, which can be reached by going around the ice. It is guarded by a turret.
  • The fourth box is located inside the bunker, in the room control. To access the room control, you must hack the controlIt is from the door through a window.
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After completing it, there will be a reward waiting for you at Charlie's Warehouse and Updaam - Noon.


Reward Plan: Karl's Bay (Afternoon)

For this challenge, you must locate and open more Charlie boxes. Those that are generated are random. To check their locations, head inside 'Balsas de Lamento' to see a map with lights.

Then you will have to complete one more puzzle in 'Wailing Rafts'. Doing so will reward you with 'The Heritage Gun'.

This list is taken from the roadmap Deathloop from PowerPyx:

  • Inside The Dawn of Reason: It will require you to locate a door code within 3 minutes. The code will be divided into four images around the room and you will need to align them to see the number and sequence of the code. If time runs out, you will have to try again in another loop.
  • Inside Hangar 1: The box will have booby traps with many travel mines and land mines around it. Take them apart as you make your way to the box.
  • Inside Hangar 2: You will have 30 seconds to activate 6 switches around the hangar in a particular order, which is the same each time. The switches will flash a red light when they are the next to activate. If time is up, you can try again.
  • Outside hangar 2: The box will be protected by several turrets. Hack the turrets as you progress towards the box.
  • Exterior gardens of perception: The box will be protected by several turrets. Hack the turrets as you progress towards the box.
  • All other boxes are simply on the roads or in alleys without traps or puzzles.
  • Inside 'Balsas de Lamento': After getting all the other boxes, you need to go back to 'Wailing Rafts', where the map was, go through the right door to find another switch for the last slightly hidden puzzle.
    Like Hangar 2, this will require you to flip 6 switches, but it will take 45 seconds. There is a field nullifier activated in this area, but you can deactivate it by breaking the remaining planks of the first switch and hacking the nullifier or throwing a grenade at it. If time is up, you can try again. Claiming the shotgun will end the challenge.

El Moxie - Updaam (Afternoon)

The Moxie can be found by entering the building in the lower section of Updaam near the cliff on the edge of the map.
Next to the Moxie is a service area where you can hack the Moxie in Updaam - Morning to set up the challenge in easy mode. There are three floors of laser and pressure plate challenges that must be completed within a time limit. Using Shift will make it easier. 

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The rewards are a trinket for each floor and a rapier of level 'Purple'.


Tour video

That's all we're sharing today in DEATHLOOP - Solutions of the Challenges, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. See ya!

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