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First impressions of Tales of Arise


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I finally have the new one in my collection Tales of, the title being 1450 from my personal collection. As almost always, Namco Tales studios has pulled a huge JRPG title out of its sleeve. For what we have played, we can already bring to light its strongest and weakest points of this last title. What stands out the most is that in this title much more budget has been invested in the graphic section, it looks extraordinarily good, and especially the great dynamism that its gameplay. Spending the first hours playing we will also notice a change, which especially lovers of the genre will find it strange: as in Dragon Quest XIII The Journey of the Cursed King y Dragon Quest XI Echoes of a lost past, we will have a much more JRPG friendly user than any of its predecessors.

Introduction to the story

In this Tales of Arise, we started with a simple but interesting story. Unlike in other titles, in the initial phase of the game we will notice that it develops with much more fluidity, the texts are much more to the point than we are accustomed to, preserving their manga design with a slight animation and showing the frames of text at the bottom of the screen.

The first thing we come across is «Iron Mask», our first playable character, who suffers from amnesia, a widely used resource, although well used it can give a lot of play. We quickly realize that we are under the yoke of Rhenish, who will be "the evil one" in this title. It is a race that is dedicated to hunting and enslaving the Dahnians, they subdue them and put a stone on them, which drains their astral energy. These Dahnians are disparagingly called «Incrustados », they store the extracted energy in cores that they use to compete against the other Renan lords, since the one who manages to accumulate more will be the sovereign of the kingdom for the next 10 years.

In the first events of the game we will meet Shionne, a Rhenish who is cursed with a magic called "Thorns". Any living being that comes into contact with it will suffer tremendous pain caused by great discharges. But Iron Mask, our main character, has a peculiarity that we will know from minute 1 of the game: he does not suffer any kind of pain, although that does not exempt him from physical and magical damage, so he can die like any other character in this world. This is how we started: a boy with an iron mask who all he knows is that he cannot remove that mask and a cursed girl that no one can touch who belongs to the faction that hunts and enslaves our compatriots.

A bit colorful story, right? Well, as fans of this great saga already know, everything we see and know can change at any time and see us stuck in a completely different narrative line. What we have clearer is that it begins very entertaining and introduces us to new information and knowledge of this world in a very pleasant way and without overloading it, which is very welcome for a title of this narrative scope.

First impressions of Tales of Arise 1
The sets and setting look surprisingly good

Graphics and animations

We have a notable graphic improvement and a very good application in both world and combat particles, and we will enjoy a wide variety of very beautiful and detailed landscapes. As for animations, we will have a wide variety of unique movements for each playable character. In combat we will also see many unique spectacular animations and in conjunction with our adventure companions.

The worst point of this section could be said that it is its anime design, which is not usually liked by everyone.

Gameplay and combat

This section will undoubtedly be the one that stands out the most in this title. The movement on the map is as we have seen in the last two installments of the saga: Berseria y Zestiria. It will be free movement like any instantiated open world to which we are accustomed: we will see the enemy at all times, we choose if we want to fight by going to them and touching them or ignoring them until our next objective or camp to rest, that in this Such This is a new and mandatory mechanic. We can use them as a resting point, forge, shop and kitchen that, unlike in others Such, which could be done after each fight, here we can only do it in the camp. In this vast map we can also fish with some new mechanics, look for collectibles that provide us with vanity objects.

The combat is the most innovative of the delivery and possibly its strongest point, since it is taken care of in detail. When we enter combat it will load the area where we will fight it, it is in ARPG format and with quite a variety of styles, depending on the character we use to fight. Being his gameplay very different between them. For example, when using the «Iron Mask», we are going to experience a very fast and agile combat almost coming to feel that we are in a Hack and Slash of simple handling, or a style more stopped and faithful to the title as is the magician of the team. We will also have tank characters, fist damage, rank etc.

We will have a wide range of combined attacks between the components of our team and finisher, each of them with their corresponding animations, by the way, very epic.

As in the previous installments you have a farming mechanic, in this case it is about chaining battles in a short period of time, without making use of the reset camps. We have a diamond on the screen that fills in for each fight and shows the level of increase we have, up to a maximum of 5 levels.

First impressions of Tales of Arise 2
Tales of Arise is the most accessible game of the entire series

Conclusions and comments

Thanks to Tales of Arise much more is presented friendly user that much of JRPG, makes it a great candidate to get started in them, and if you are a veteran, we have a wide range of difficulties as we already know from previous titles.

- Statistics overwhelm you? It will not be a problem here, the interface itself provides you with the data in a simple way. If the item X you have equipped is worse than the one you have selected in the inventory, you equip it and fix it, no statistics calculation.

- Do I recommend your purchase? Yes.

These "first impressions" have been written by Molina. Visit your Instagram Twitter to know more.

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