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How long does it last Lost Judgment?


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En Lost Judgment the player puts himself in the shoes of the private detective Takayuki yagami to investigate especially heinous crimes. When you start playing a game of this style, you may want to know how long this title can last.

In this guide we are going to talk about the duration that it can have Lost Judgment and how many chapters it has.

How long does it last Lost Judgment?

Cut to the chase, players who plan to focus almost exclusively on the main story of «Lost Judgment»Can complete the game in approximately 25 or 30 hours. Although this figure may vary depending on the difficulty of the choices that the player makes during the game. Players can greatly extend their playing time by participating in countless optional and secondary content.

In fact, there are 42 optional cases and 10 special stories, which is a type of activity that was not in the previous game. Fans who spend some time on some of the optional content, but not all, should see their playing time increased by up to a few. 45 hours. For those players who complete 100%, this feat may take a few 100 hours.

To reach 100% of the game you have to get a trophy that is based on beating the game on the highest difficulty and you have to pass the game on a previous difficulty to be able to unlock it. Therefore, players need to complete at least two games to get the difficult platinum trophy, although the second pass will surely not be as long as the first.

List of all chapters of Lost Judgment

  • Chapter One: Black sheep
  • Chapter 2: Vicious circle
  • Chapter 3: Two sides of the same coin
  • Chapter 4: Red knife
  • Capitulo 5: Double jeopardy
  • Capitulo 6: Convergent heat
  • Capitulo 7: Blind
  • Capitulo 8 : Ghost of Ijincho
  • Capitulo 9: The weight of guilt
  • Chapter 10: Catch a tiger
  • Chapter 11: Clandestine
  • Chapter 12: To feed a viper
  • Chapter 13: Darker before dawn

This is all the information you need to know how long does it last Lost Judgment and how many chapters does it have.

If you want to add something else you can leave a comment below. I hope this guide has been helpful and see you in the next one. All the best!

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