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We do not respondsables of the information and content stored in forums, social networks or any other means that allows third parties to publish content independently on the provider's website.

However, taking into account art. 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, We are committed to the withdrawal or, where appropriate, blocking of those contents that could affect or contravene national or international legislation, the rights of third parties or morality and public order.

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It may be that some of the banners that are shown on this website, are sponsorships of third-party companies. And despite the fact that they are content generated by third parties. We will try to maintain a strict guarantee that advertising is fair and not suggestive. For that reason, most “banners ”what you will see in, have been treated strictly and filtered with the greatest possible observation, to try to make them "As informative as possible".

Cookies and advertising You will use cookies to determine what type of ads should be displayed throughout the web page. When [email protected] [email protected] access, cookies will be stored in your browsers.

Almost all advertising providers (including Google), use the cookie system, to be able to show the most relevant ads possible, in relation to the websites that you have previously visited and the cookies that this website may set on your browser. Normally the use of cookies for advertising allows the Google Adsense company to display the related ads with the maximum possible information that can be provided to the [email protected]

Affiliate links

We usually use links/affiliate links, which provide information on products and/or services of different brands/companies, with which we previously establish advertising programs. sayingsinks/links are used exclusively, once a demanding and prior study has been made of the qualities of some products, which we wish to promote. You agree not to include suchinks/affiliate links, arbitrarily and/or in which conditions are not met, such as those described above. Even so, there are some pages within this same website, which are from third parties and are regularly updated, so it may be the case that a link is not completely updated.

We usually invest most of our effort, work and knowledge in trying to make the links/links, are always 100% fully updated 24/7. Despite our constant effort, it could be the case that we find theinks/broken links or links to offers/promotions, which are no longer operational on third-party sites.

If you want to buy/acquire a product/service without using theinks/affiliate links, we remind you that you should "Clear browser cookie history" just before making the payment. Even so, you should know that when a purchase/contract is made, from our link/affiliate link, not only will you not pay more to use it, but you can acquire/purchase, with a discount and/or special promotion, so Therefore, you may end up paying less.

Intellectual property

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