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Quake has launched a new Horde Mode


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Developer Machine Games not only provided the popular remake of QuakeInstead, the studio continues to support it. In the new trailer, Machine Games has announced the launch of a new horde mode for the remake, as well as bug fixes and small improvements.

In this new horde mode, players will search the map for upgraded weapons and power-ups as they battle waves of increasingly tough enemies. The new Honey add-on from Bethesda Softworks has also been confirmed. With Honey, players will have to solve "Flooded Crypts and Underground Temples" on the new map that he brings to the game.

The remaster of Quake, which originally released in August, witnessed Machine Games continue to add new content and features to the game. They first added a completely new extension to the game when it launched, and they continued to add support for 120 FPS and 4K visual effects in PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X.

This continued support seems to indicate that Bethesda and Machine Games have invested heavily in the continued success of the series. Quake. However, this interest stems from the rumored reboot of Quake or the love of the developer for the legendary shooter, in time we will find out.

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