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Roblox has not worked since day 28


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Roblox is a platform that allows players around the world to create their own games and in-game items and sell them to other users. Millions of children come to play Roblox every day but now they can't do it because all servers are down. Apparently the problem started the day October 28. The next morning, October 29, the official account of Roblox On Twitter he posted a message saying that they were aware that the server was down and that he was working to fix it.

This tweet also sent a message to players that the outage was not caused by any "specific experience or association on the platform."

On the 30th the status of the servers Roblox and apparently they have already discovered what has been the error that has caused the servers to crash. Although we do not yet know what exactly was the reason for this crisis, it is expected that Roblox be operational again in the next few hours.

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