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Roblox Promotional Codes (December 2021) - FREE Clothing and Items


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In this guide we have made a list of promo codes Roblox active and running December 2021. Thanks to this list of codes you can get a lot of accessories and objects totally free that will help your avatar to be fashionable.

¡Customize your avatar thanks to our list of promo codes from Roblox and completely free!

As we all know, one of the most interesting things about Roblox is the customization of your character or avatar. Customizing your avatar will cost you Robux on more than one occasion, but thanks to this list of promotional codes you will be able to get many totally free objects and accessories.

You can also find here all the necessary information to be aware of all the NUEVOS EVENTS that are published in Roblox,

LAST UPDATE: November 30

new promo code and new event

Updated List of Promo Codes from Roblox

If you are a regular player of Roblox and you usually look for codes on the internet for your avatar, I recommend that you save this web page in the bookmarks of your browser. We will keep this guide updated with all the codes that are published. All the codes in this list have been tested just before this guide was published or updated.

Remember to redeem all the codes on our list as soon as possible as they can expire at any time

List of Promo Codes for Roblox (active and in operation)

List of Promo Codes for Roblox (expired or expired)

  • At this time we do not have expired or expired promotional codes for Roblox.

How to redeem Promo Codes at Roblox step by step

Redeem promo codes from Roblox It is quite simple, follow these steps to be able to get your free objects easily:

IMPORTANT: Enter the code as it is written in our list. If you don't, the code may not work.

  1. Go to the Official Site for promotional codes of Roblox.
  2. Log in with your account at the top right of the web, by clicking on "Login".
  3. Now all you have to do is copy and paste the code you want to redeem in the corresponding text field.
  4. Press the "Redeem" button to get your items for free.

New Events and free items from Roblox

🔥🔥NEW OBJECT: BFC Gold Opera Glasses 🔥🔥

roblox free items for avatar
Roblox Promotional Codes (December 2021) - FREE Clothing and Items 13

Get the BFC Gold Opera Glasses for your avatar completely free by completing the missions of the game The Fashion Awards 2021. If you have any questions you can take a look at This Video.

🔥🔥 NEW ITEM: White Flamingo Fedora 🔥🔥

roblox free promo codes
Roblox Promotional Codes (December 2021) - FREE Clothing and Items 14

Get the new White Flamingo Fedora redeeming the code MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021 on the official promo codes page of Roblox.


nfl helmet roblox free items
Roblox Promotional Codes (December 2021) - FREE Clothing and Items 15

Get a totally free NFL helmet for your avatar from Roblox just by entering the game of NFL's Roblox. Upon entering the game, you should receive a badge. This will mean that you have received the item.

Crown of Electrifying Guitars

Roblox Promotional Codes (December 2021) - FREE Clothing and Items 12
Roblox Promotional Codes (December 2021) - FREE Clothing and Items 16

Get this new object redeeming the code ROSSMANNCROWN2021 in the official page of promotional codes of Roblox.

Nike Accessories

You can get two Nike items for free if you enter the game NIKELAND Roblox. Start the game and use the teleport button to get to the Lobby. Next, locate the Exhibition Hall, which is a red building with a holographic slipper on top. Go inside and look for the mannequin with the Nike cap. Inspect it and press the collect button to receive the Nike Pro Cap and Nike Elemental Backpack. Here we leave you a video in case you have trouble finding the building.


There are 6 new avatar packs available totally free. These packs were previously exclusive to Xbox, but now they are available on any platform.

Tai Verdes Concert Experience Items

There are three new items that you can get for free. Go to experience Tai Greens Concert Experiencand. You just have to enter the game and press the shopping cart button on the side of the screen. You will see three free items at the top of the menu that you just have to press the buy button to get them totally free.

Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard

Get this object totally free by going to the object page Roblox from the Zara Larsson Tour. It is an accessory to wear around your avatar's neck.

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There are several free Chipotle items for your avatar from Roblox that you can get for free if you get to the center of the maze in the game Chipotle Boorito Maze. If you want more help you can take a look at This Video.

Chipotle Foil Bucket Hat

Get this new accessory for your avatar totally free if you complete the maze of the game Chipotle Boorito Maze en Roblox! . Here we leave you a PremiumSalad video so you know how to do it.

Chipotle's Foil Hat is available for free by completing the maze in the Chipotle Boorito Maze game on Roblox! You can find the solution to the maze in this Premiumsalad video.

Neon Devil Headphones and more

You can get the Neon Devil Headphones and more objects participating in the game LuoBu Transformation Night. To know how to get them you can take a look at this video of DeeterPlays.

Pumpkin Patch

Get another new accessory Pumpkin Patch Hat totally free, just visit the Pumpkin Patch article page in the Avatar Store of Roblox and press the green button to get it.

Pumpkin Black Cat Shoulder Pal

Users Apple they can get a new object totally free for your avatar. You just have to go to the corresponding page and press the green button on your iOS device to get it! If you don't have an Apple device, you can use this guide on video to learn how to bypass the restriction.

Owl mask

There is a new event in Roblox. You can get it Owl mask totally free if you enter the game Insomniac World Party and you talk to the NPC Pasquale Rotella (which is near the area where you appear).

Economy Team Cap

Get the new Economy Team Cap by redeeming the code «ECONOMYEVENT2021»On the official website of Roblox to redeem codes.

Peppermint hat

Get the new mint hat by redeeming the code TARGETMINTHAT2021 in the official page of promotional codes of Roblox.

Snow friend

If you redeem the promotional code AMAZONFRIEND2021 On the official promo codes page you can get the Snow Friend shoulder accessory for free.

Two Lil Nas X Accessories

You can get two free Lil Nas X accessories by heading to the Avatar Store at Roblox and clicking on them. These are the two items you can get:

Pro Gamer Backpack

If you are a Verizon Up subscriber, you can get this article from Pro Gamer backpack for your avatar totally free. If you are not sure how to do it, here is a video of DeeterPlays.


You can get a new item pack by completing tasks in a Lubou game. This time the game is Bump World: Free Jungle. There are four things to get, and to have them you just have to go around the map collecting these little robot rabbit robots. NOT ALL ARE THE SAME AS THE PICTURE. THEY ARE LIKE BRIGHT ROBOTS.

If you get enough of them you can get the following:

Poppy Braids & Poppy Flux Shirt

There are two new items that you can get for your avatar in Roblox and they have the theme of Poppy. Poppy, is a musical artist from YouTube and has been holding a concert in Roblox. All you have to do is go to the following links and click the big green GET button to receive them!

Chinese Traditional White Shirt and Pants

There are four new new clothing items to get in the game Luobu 抓 兔子 大 PK en Roblox. These are two shirts and pants for men / women.

If you need more help to get them here we leave you a SharkBlox video

These are the four new garments available:

Mr. Moon with its Bunny Hat

You can get the item Mr. Luna with his rabbit hat for your avatar totally free playing some minigames in the game Luobu 抓 兔子 大 PK in Roblox.

If you have any problem getting this object here we leave you a DeeterPlays video to help you.

King Tab Hat

You can get this hat King Tab for your avatar by redeeming the code SMYTHSCAT2021 in the official website code redemption Roblox.

Yellow Bandito Bandana & Icy Sai

The last two items from the Twenty One Pilots Event are available. You can get the Yellow Bandito Scarf completing an in-game mission, Creatures of Sonaria. To get this item for your avatar, you have to get the three items that are available during the event. Its about car radio balaclava, the red beanie with the blurry face and the yellow bandit bandana.

If you need more help to get these objects here is a video of YouTuber Conor3D.

Free Luobu Music Items

Get three new items by heading to their item pages from Roblox and pressing the big green button. They are launched to celebrate the Luobu Music Launch Party event.

Red Blurryface Beanie

You can get the Blurryface red beanie free by completing an in-game mission World // Zero. If you have any problems completing the mission, we will leave you a Premiumsalad video to know how to do it step by step.

Car Radio Ski Mask

You can get the car radio balaclava totally free by completing a mission in the game Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands. You just have to enter the game and enter the Twenty One Pilots event in the main menu. Complete the mission and you will get the item for free.

Twenty One Pilots Flag

You can get the accessory Twenty One Pilots Flag collecting chips in game Twenty Pilots Concert Experience. You can find a guide to all the locations in this video of the youtuber Premiumsalad.

Bandito Army Jacket - Twenty One Pilots

The event of Twenty One Pilots is coming, and to celebrate you can get a totally free item for your avatar. Go to the page of Roblox of Bandito Army Jacket and press the big green button to receive your reward. That easy!

Bakugan - Drago Companion

Now you can get the Bakugan - Drago Shoulder Companion just playing the new experience of Official Bakugan Launch Party at Roblox. Once you enter the game and navigate the menus, you will be rewarded with this new item for your avatar.

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Pasta Hat

El Pasta Hat can be obtained by redeeming the code CARREFOURHOED2021 in the official page of Roblox to redeem codes.

Roblox Classic Cap

Roblox has introduced a new experience Roblox Community Space where you can try out the new proximity voice chat feature. To celebrate this new feature, you can get a totally free item for your avatar. To obtain it Classic Cap Roblox, you have to complete these three tasks:

  • Place some work of art
  • Visit the playground
  • Take a picture

To put up some work of art, go outside and look for the blackboards. Walk up to one, click the brush, and place a piece of art. The play area is located inside, in the room adjoining the living room. Finally, to take a photo, go outside and look for the photo booth that is near the large statue of Roblox. Click the photo button to take a selfie. When you have completed these three tasks, click the tasks button at the top left of the screen and click the "Claim your prize" button.

Vans Event - Fifth Item

A Vans event has been launched in Roblox and you can get a free item for trying a new game. Head to the game Vans World en Roblox and find the Vans clothing store. In the center of the room there will be an object that you can get for free if you interact with it. This item is available for a limited time and it will be replaced by a different one once the timer expires.

Kid Nezha Pack

Another free item has been added to the game Luobu MystRoblo's ery Box Huntx. You just have to enter the game and look for the statue of Kid nezha and touch it. When you approach her, you will receive the package of Kid nezha for your avatar.

Monkey Safari Hat

If you have a device Amazon, you can get the Monkey Safari Hat Roblox for free using that device. If not, you can follow the video below to get it!

Golf Shades

The Golf Shades can be obtained by redeeming the code KROGERDAYS2021 in the official page for redeeming codes Roblox.

Flower packs and forest elves / nova

You can get three new items for your avatar by playing the game Luobu Mystery Box Hunt in Roblox. These are the Head Flower, the Forest Elf Pack and the Nova the Scientist of the Galaxy Pack. To get these objects, you will have to collect boxes in the game. To find out how to find all those boxes we leave you a video where you can learn how to do it easily.

AOTP Hat and Golden Headphones KSI ROBLOX

To get free KSI articles at Roblox you just have to go to the article pages AOTP Hat y Golden Headphones en Roblox. Once on those pages you just have to click on the big green "Get" button on the page.


If you have problems getting this item redeemed, I recommend that you take a look at our detailed guide to how to get the Mech Wings for free at Roblox.

Natsu Matsuri Backpack AVAILABLE FOR iOS

If you have an iOS device (Apple iPhone, iPad, etc.) you can log in to Roblox and get the Natsu Matsuri backpack following this ENLACE and pressing the button.


Start your game in Nerf Hub and get two objects totally free for your avatar. You can get it Darts Cap using the claw machine and Darts Goggles playing a round on the driving range. It is very simple !


Luobu celebrations continue for the third consecutive week in Roblox. Another Luobu Avatar Item Pack has appeared in the Avatar Shop. Players can now get all these items for free.


Get all the items by clicking on the links below:

  • Bun Hair with Flower Hairpin  - Butterflies often come to me. Of course, there are also bees. (Limited for one week).
  • "Le" Lantern - Put on this flashlight and you won't get lost at night. (Limited for one week.)
  • Luobu Wealthy Glasses - These glasses will make you look like the richest person in Luobu! (Limited for one week.)
  • Traditional Chinese Hat  - This hat should be matched with similar style clothing. Otherwise it will look boring. (Limited for one week.)
  • Upside-down China bowl  - When you find that there are not enough bowls in your food, this hat comes in handy. (Limited for one week.)


To celebrate the achievement of the 100.000 followers on the Twitter account @RobloxEspanolThe company Roblox has launched a new promo code. You can redeem the celebration backpack for free, you just have to go to the promo code redemption page Roblox and enter the code that we put below.

100MILFOLLOWERS - Redeem the code to get the celebration backpack (Expires on August 20)

The code expires on 20 August so we recommend that you redeem it as soon as possible


Roblox plans to continue celebrating the launch of the Chinese platform with another five Luobu items for players. These items are now available for free redemption.

You can take a look and redeem the new items by clicking on the links below:

  • Luobu Scout Girl - His hair glows at night, like the stars of the galaxy. (Limited for one week).
  • Luobu Scout Star Goggles - As an explorer, you need to have enough eyesight to find clues in the cracks. (Limited for one week.)
  • Luobu Scout Backpack - Although this backpack cannot take you into space, it can at least help you to reduce a lot of weight. (Limited for one week.)
  • Luobu Scout Hat - This special hat is awarded by the Luobu Explorers Association to adventurers who bravely explore the universe. (Limited for one week.)
  • Destination: Moon and stars - "The stars my destiny." (Limited for one week.)

EVENT: Roblox Loubu Party Celebration

To celebrate the launch of Roblox in China (called Luobu), the company has made available to all players in the world five totally free items for your avatar. Join the celebration and get your rewards at Roblox today

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All players can redeem these items by clicking on each link separately. This will take you to the page of Roblox of the article, where you can press the button Get to redeem the item for free.

  • Loubu Party Crown - This crown can make you the center of attention of any event. You are the owner of the party! (Limited for one week). 🔥
  • Luobu Party Shades - The music waves will reflect in your eyes thanks to this object. Anyone who sees you will want to dance with you. (Limited for one week.) 🔥
  • Luobu Party Hair - Why dye your hair only one color? (Limited for one week.) 🔥
  • Luobu Party Balloon - Use colored balloons to create a party atmosphere! (Limited for one week.) 🔥
  • Loubu Party Baseball - Complete your outfit thanks to this magnificent cap. 🔥

IMPORTANT: Some of these items are free for a limited time, so redeem them as soon as possible.

EVENT: Build It, Play It: Mansion of Wonder

You can redeem these promotional codes from Roblox to get customization items and accessories for your avatar. Codes have to be redeemed at Mansion of Wonder.

The code to get this new accessory has been revealed by DeeterPlays y Premiumsalad.

  • Glimmer - Redeem this code for a Head Slime hat.

List of Objects and Skins FREE for Roblox

Here you will find a lot of objects, skins and totally free accessories for your character that are available in the catalog of Roblox.

Click on any of the following links to quickly go to the section that interests you the most.

Code List for Hats Roblox Free

Code List for Shirts Roblox Free

Code List for Shoulder Pads Roblox Free

Code List for Pants Roblox Free

Packs Code List for Roblox Free

Hair Code List for Roblox Free

Face Code List for Roblox Free

Head Code List for Roblox Free

List of Emote Codes for Roblox Free

Equipment Code List for Roblox Free

Collar Code List for Roblox Free

Back Code List for Roblox Free

Roblox Creator Challenge

Do you want more cosmetic items? Roblox Creator Challenge are a series of events from Roblox that test your knowledge of basic programming in Roblox. At events, players answer questions related to game development in Roblox Studio. After completing each of the lessons, the player will get a number of cosmetic items and accessories.

Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge

  • Saturn Ring Hat (Hat)
  • Scrap Metal Hat (Hat)
  • Rover the Astro-Pup (Shoulder pad)
  • Supernova Pauldrons (Shoulder pad)
  • Hyperspace Jetpack (Back)
  • Scrapper's backpack (Back)

Jurassic World Creator Challenge

  • Jurassic world cap (Hat)
  • Jurassic World Headphones (Hat)
  • Jurassic World Backpack (Back)

Godzilla Creator Challenge

  • Ghidorah's wings (Back)
  • Godzilla Spine (Back)
  • Rodan's Head (Hat)

PC Creator Challenge

  • Book wings (Back)
  • Classic PC Hat (Hat)
  • Motherboard Visor (Expensive)

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Other active and working code lists for games Roblox

If you are currently playing other games Roblox you can use the search engine below to find active and working codes for that game. On we strive to bring you codes for all games.

This is ours list of promo codes Roblox active and running December 2021. If you find any code that does not work or is expired, leave us a comment below so we can quickly correct it. I hope this guide has helped you and see you in the next one.

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