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Tales of Arise - Mod to Remove the HUD


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If you want to quickly turn HUD items on and off while playing Tales of Arise, this guide will show you a tool that will help you.

Courage Hud Toggle guidance on Tales of Arise

Link from Hud Toggle

This is a new post of my mod originally on Nexus Mods: link here[]

Tales of Arise - Mod to Remove the HUD 1Tales of Arise - Mod to Remove the HUD 2Tales of Arise - Mod to Remove the HUD 3 


Install Hud Toggle

After downloading the mod, open the folder and find the content in Tales of Arise\ Arise \ Binaries \ Win64 (where the .exe is).
Once in the game, press the Insert key to turn the HUD on or off. 

If you want to change the keybindings, just open d3dx.ini and search for this:

Change it to whatever key you want, just make sure it's in Microsoft virtual key code format.


Customization of Hud Toggle

By default, this mod will exclude almost all items from the HUD. If you want to specify which HUD elements are affected by the mod, do so by adding or removing shading correction files from the ShaderFixes folder. 

Each shading fix is ​​a _replace.txt file and has an associated .jpg with the same name (minus ps / vs_replace). The .jpg will show what part of the UI is affecting that particular .txt shader, highlighting that particular element in pink.

For example, if you only want to toggle the health bar, do the following:

  • Go to the ShaderFixes folder
  • Look at the .jpg images to find the ones without part of the health bar highlighted, and remove their associated _replace.txt files (you don't need to remove the .jpgs).
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Now you should be left with the _replace.txt files that only affect the health bar and will be affected by the mod.

If you want to prevent certain UI elements from being affected by toggling (making them act normally), it would basically be the opposite.

If you want the health bar to be unaffected by the switch, you would do the following:

  • Go to the ShaderFixes folder
  • Look at the .jpg images to find specifically the ones with part of the health bar highlighted and removes their associated _replace.txt files (no need to remove the .jpgs).

You should now be left with _replace.txt files that No. affect the health bar, but other UI elements will be affected by the mod.



  • Disabling the HUD will also disable the menus, so you will need to re-enable the HUD when using the menus.
  • This was created and tested with Nvidia hardware.

Uninstall Hud Toggle

Remove the mod files manually or use the uninstall.bat file.

That's all we're sharing today in Tales of Arise - Mod to Remove the HUD, feel free to leave a comment below. See ya!

Credit to Kou153
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