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Timberborn - Building Sizes and Shapes


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If you play Timberborn and you want to preview the structures you haven't unlocked. This guide will show you, let's see them.

List of Building Shapes and Sizes Timberborn


Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 1 

Starting with the obvious: stairs and platforms. Before you ask, no, you cannot go up and turn stairs at the same time, the lower level and the upper level must be in a row, but the suspension bridges are not obvious. For example, the 1 × 3 bridge shown in the image is designed to clear a space 6 squares wide, being built on both sides. Like a ladder piece, the anchor point will only connect to a path that is in line with it.

To reiterate, the 1x3 bridge is 4 squares long, and the first square is an anchor that you need to place on dry land or a platform, and you need another 1 square beyond that to connect it to a path.

Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 2

Steel platforms. The big one is only available to the Iron Teeth, and is located five mighty squares above where it was built.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 3 

All three gates are getting deeper and deeper. The explosives factory is 2 × 4.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 4 

Small Warehouse, Large Warehouse (which, yes, has a weird and useful T-shape), and Fairytail's exclusive underground warehouse. I haven't had a chance to experiment with that yet.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 5 

The builder's cabin is 3 × 2, the distribution post is this strange 5 × 3 with two knocked down corners, and the delivery point is a 2 × 2.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 6 

The Fairytails Cabins: Please note, importantly, that the double and triple cabins have entrances on the second floor. In fact, these are the issues that bothered me enough to start this guide.Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 7

The barracks of the Iron Teeth, much more utilitarian. Brutalist, even.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 8 

The 1 × 1 measuring rod, the 1 × 2 water weir (note that the rear square must be over an empty space) and the large water tank of irregular shape, which fits into a 3 × grid 2 but it has the entrance offset by one, making it this L shape. I really like it for the fact that it lends itself so well to being placed one level higher (especially on the edge of a large warehouse), with two platforms to hold the tank and stairs leading up.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 9 

The grinding mill is 3 × 2, the bakery is 2 × 3, Fairytail's watering tower is 2 × 2 and affects a circular area that is shown along the way, while Fairytail's hive is also of 1 × 1 and affects the 7. -Square width also shown by the path. It sure would have been nice to know when I was setting up my farms, they grumble grumble.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 10 

Forestal's Cabin is 2 × 2, Gear Factory is 2 × 3, Paper Factory is 3 × 2, and the Press is 2 × 4. Note that you can connect the power to either side or just hug them side by side. of the other.


Metal and power

Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 11 

The only Iron Teeth motor is 3x3, with the input in the middle on one side and the power output directly opposite. The vertical power shaft works as you would expect, being 2 high and connecting opposite sides. The Grinder is 2 × 3.Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 12

Both types of windmills are 1 × 1 but considerably larger above, which means you can hug them close to low structures but not each other. He had not yet experimented with the best settings.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 13 

The temple is 5 × 5. The carousel is 5 × 6, including this 1 × 3 cabin in the back, which is the part where you can build and where you have to connect the power.



Timberborn - Building Shapes and Sizes 14 

The ceilings are what you would expect. The statue and bushes are 1 × 1. The benches are also 1 × 1, but they need a path connection and offer nothing for some reason (at the time of writing).

That's all we're sharing today in Timberborn - Building Sizes and Shapes, feel free to leave a comment below. See ya!

Credit to von Boomslang
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